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Fortunately one of Johns friends Steve Wilson is a semi

“It was actually put up for auction at the same garage door opener electrical diagram sale as my Borderer back in the late 1990s. It then did the rounds with a couple of enthusiasts who patched the lorry up a bit, before I acquired the vehicle. It became obvious early on that the ERF was going to need a full bottom-up restoration, and I took it from there. ” Ready for the off! The cab needed a complete makeover, as witness the condition ofthe seats.

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Photo courtesy ofJohn Mair. The engine turned out be okay, and just needed a garage door opener electrical diagram service. Photo courtesy of John Mair. Fortunately one of Johns friends, Steve Wilson, is a semi-retired haulier, with premises located just to the north of Aberdeen in the village of Newmacher. This meant that the ERF could be stored out of the weather, while the restoration took place: an important consideration given the long, Scottish winters.

John said: “It was an ideal place for doing all the heavy, dirty jobs. This involved stripping the garage door opener electrical diagram down to the bare chassis, shot blasting, and taking care of the paintwork. Fortunately having been trained as a mechanic, I was able to do most of the tasks myself. Proper preparation is the key, of course, and accounted for most of the work. “The engine and transmission are still the original units, although obviously I had to buy a new set of tyres.



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