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June 2016 31 The S21 tractor unit as garage door opener emergency release kit Photo Howard and Jon Turner. Jon described the tractor unit as a complete wreck, but the engine was actually in fairly good order. The gearbox had seized bearings.

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Photos Howard and Jon Turner. Foden lorries were seen as the key to success for Kendricks over many years, the first of these having been bought in 1 The most in service peaked at 73 in 1968, with the same number of drivers employed, and nine mechanics keeping everything running smoothly. The stated company policy was to carry anything that could be loaded and unloaded on a tipper wagon, an idea that served the firm well for many years. Howard continued: “It would have gone for scrap after Paul bought it in 1 However he saved it, and he made a big improvement by garage door opener emergency release kit the 150 LX, as this truck will do 55mph on the motorway. Paul then used it until 1992 in his own colours.

The Kendrick’s livery was put back on by the next owner, Peter Davies, and this was a good idea, as I’ve always thought you should preserve the livery a truck first garage door opener emergency release kit in as well as the truck itself. ” In this case the livery is rather special and well known due to an oil painting by transport artist Mike Jefferies, which depicts this eight-wheeler tipper, registration 4249 DH, steaming through the streets of Aston in what’s now known as the West Midlands, carrying a load of coal up to the top of the ‘greedyboards’. This sort of load was the usual stock in trade for Horace and William Kendrick, sons of the firms founder, Horace Kendrick, who started the firm in 1907 in the days when ‘horse power’ meant exactly that! The original of this painting now resides on Howards sitting-room wall, a surprise gift from wife Peggy and his son Jon, which is as much appreciated as the real lorry. Howard recalled: “I remember the drive home in the eight-wheeler was horrendous with all the noise from the engine underneath its tin cover. But that’s what they were like in those days.



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