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“We were using several makes of vehicles including AEC, Mercedes and ERF. Things went well up until 1990, when my father suffered a heart attack. The family decide he couldn’t continue as the garage door opener extension risks were too great. I wasn’t in a position to run the business on my own, so we decided to sell it as a going concern.

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The do wnside, of course, ms that I was suddenly out of work! Fortunately I had lot of contacts in the oil industry, and was able to find myself a good position” Although USA 309S had been picked up by a couple of enthusiasts, very little had been done to the lorry bythe time John acquired it. Photo courtesy ofJohn Mair. Although he was now spending a lot of his time working abroad, John still had fond memories of his haulage roots. With the Millennium looming, he decided to acquire and restore an old lorry. “Hauling was still very much in my blood, so I decided to keep a lookout for an AEC garage door opener extension similar to the type we used to run in our fleet,” he explained.

“After a few dead ends I heard on the grapevine that the local haulage company, Munro Transport, was garage door opener extension a closing down sale, and one of the lots was an Atkinson Borderer. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but I thought it would do. The lorry was in a bit of a state, and took me the best part of five years to restore. ” The Borderer is now a regular participant on the Scottish vintage vehicle rally circuit, and was featured in the February 2012 issue of HC. By contrast, USA 309S is the new kid on the block, and was only restored in 20 “The lorry was originally registered in 1978, and was also new to Munros here in Aberdeen,” said John.



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