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The need to strip out the gearbox and

It was an ex-Blue Circle cement eight-wheeler which was bought as a chassis cab and then fitted out with a flatbed and painted in Blue Circle colours. The eight-wheeler coupled to the showman's living van measures some 60ft in garage door opener extension cord Jon continued: “The S21 tractor unitwhich we have recently completed came with a 150 Gardner and Fodens super low geared five-speed gearbox, which have both been retained, the engine and gearbox having matching numbers to the original manufacturer’s documentation. ” Other than a fuelling problem, the engine was still in good condition, and it ran well after the injector pump had been overhauled.

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This involved removing the top of the injector pump and replacing two cylinders and six pistons with new ones. The water pump was also replaced, and the engine turned over and fired at the first attempt using homemade jump leads from the Kendrick garage door opener extension cord batteries, with Howard using a screwdriver to direct the electrical current across the starter motor terminals. The need to strip out the gearbox and unseize the front bearings meant any further progress was held up for a while, but this also allowed the clutch assembly to be inspected, and as the face plate on the flywheel had cracked, this was replaced before the gearbox went back in. Howard continued: “We stripped the back axle and took out the 7:1 diff, which was just a big solid mass of seized-up metal.

This was discarded and we then fitted a higher ratio 2:1 diff, so this wagon now does about 42mph instead of just 35mph. One of the rear brake drums was stuck on so tightly, Jon had to smash it off using a big hammer to shatter it into pieces one of the wheels was dragging when moving the lorry was first attempted. The drum was then replaced together with some of the usual brake parts and new brake linings all round. We also had to replace the rearmost cross-member, which we dragged out using my Land Rover part way, and then jacked it out for the last few inches. The garage door opener extension cord was all rusted, but we worked hard at getting it back into good condition.



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