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Since then, we’ve added two duvets, four blankets and also a rug on top of the garage door opener external receiver cover. The floors were rotten, so these had to be removed and replaced, and we had to take off the greedy boards: this was the only way we could park the Foden in the barn where it is kept. I was a bit concerned about the loss of originalitythis decision caused, but after talking to a former driver I learnt it hadn’t always had a set of greedy boards, so that was okay”’ Further improvements included new brake linings and oil seals for the axles. The effectiveness of the cooling system was also called into question as the cab was always red hot in summer due to the build-up in heat from the engine, but then ice cold in winter.

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Howard added: “You would find your shirt was sticking to your back in the summer, but it was all good fun having no power steering! And fair enough, the steering feels nice when you’ve built up some speed. But you do feel every bump in the road, with so many manholes being about two inches lower than the tarmac. ” Getting the garage door opener external receiver ram operational was thwarted for a while as the tank that supplies the hydraulic oil is situated in such a position on the chassis that the top of the tank, where the filer cap is located, is flush with the bottom of the tipper body, and as all the oil had drained away, there was no way that the tank could be topped up because the immovable, disabled tipper bodywas in the way! “I talked to Paul Parker about this”’ said Howard. “And he advised that the tipper hadn’t been put up in 20 years, but it had worked then.

So to get round the problem of filling the hydraulics tank, we cut a hole in the floor of the tipper body just above the filler cap, which then allowed us to refill the tank, with Jon pouring in the oil while I held a funnel in place. After running up the pto, we got the first and second parts of the hydraulic ram working, and then the third one, which we immediately had to shut off, as some of the oil was leaking down the ram. This is something that’s not worth rectifying for what it would cost us. The tipper body is all alloy, so it’s quite lightweight, and we can always lift it as we now know when to shut off the garage door opener external receiver ” Fitting new UJs and balancing the propshaft made a huge difference by cutting down any vibration and noise when this S21 was on the road, so ear plugs are no longer the order of the day.



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