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We were also involved in go kart racing for a

And cab comfort was much enhanced by slinging out a seat of fairly modern design, and swapping it for one as garage door opener eyes fitted after it had been reupholstered. Jon remarked: “The worst of the noise in the cab came from the air filter, which is situated actually inside the cab. All the while you can hear the air going in as a ‘boom, boom, boom’ noise.

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Luckily, the exhaust was all right, as these can be awkward to remake, as we’ve heard that even at the factory it was just a matter of guessing how these would fit together using what parts were available. ” JON’S STORY Jon continued: “I grew up tinkering with garage door opener eyes vehicles, and I would drive my old Morris 1000 up and down the drivewaywhen I was seven years old. We were also involved in go-kart racing for a while. I took a mechanical engineering degree at Coventry University and then spent a year working as a mechanic for the Ford rally team, although I would have preferred driving in competition rather than being a mechanic after I’d raced go-karts at British Championship events. But there was no money in it, so I now work for an engineering firm.

I also became interested in garage door opener eyes an old truck, which is whywe bought the Foden S21 tractor unit. This came as a total wreck from Nottingham. It was in a reallybad way and about ready for being scrapped. Buying this Foden was something to put down to the ignorance and enthusiasm of youth. “But little by little, and by encouraging each other, we got thejob done, and nothing would faze us now, as we have the confidence to just about fix anything”’ Another S21 also came Howard’s and Jon’s way, and this they restored and then sold on.



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