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The crankshaft journals were measured and

All external panels were made new by myself and spot welded together, and unfortunately no original parts of the cab were fit for reuse. New door shells were used and these had come my way through Sentinel enthusiast David Webster, and garage door opener fix had also had new cab wings made. Once the shell had been finished it was primed and undercoated and returned to Rick.

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” “In the meantime Tony Leading had built a new platform body and having completed the body Rick then asked to work on the engine and I was more than happy to help out once again. In 2000 work started on rebuilding the engine which Rick had previously completely stripped down and all components were fully degreased and examined. The crankshaft journals were measured and found to have no ovality. Any minor imperfections on the journal garage door opener fix were removed by ‘strapping’ them with long strips of very fine wet and dry paper soaked in an oil/paraffin mix.

New genuine Sentinel cylinder liners were fitted to the cylinder block and six good pistons still within manufacturers tolerances were chosen from a selection of used pistons, these we re-rung using new genuine piston garage door opener fix The cylinder heads were brought back to my workshop and fully inspected for cracking. Valve seats were recut and any worn valve guides replaced, valves refaced and reground and reassembled. Then back in Ricks workshop reassembly of the main engine took place over several weekends. New crankshaft bearings were used throughout and all front-end timing sprocket ball races replaced and a new timing chain was also fitted.



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