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The fuel injection pump and injectors had been reconditioned in the Rolls-Royce pump shop when Rick still worked there. “Once complete, and with the engine sitting on a pallet and fitted with temporary fuel and exhaust system and filled with coolant, it was test-run for 30 minutes while being checked for leaks, noises and correct oil pressure and all was well. “As far as the gearbox was concerned I searched for over two years to find a David Brown type 557/24 garage door opener fob version of the direct top gearbox which was fitted as standard in the DV In the end I finally found one in Mountsorrel, the village next to us. Rick stripped this box down and asked me to rebuild it which I agreed to do but this part of the project seemed to be delayed and I never did work on the box and that was the end of my involvement with the work on the Sentinel.

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” The simple but immaculate interior. Nearly there! The lorry inside the Ń G Coachworks workshop in Much Wenlock. Photo Neil Boughey. Although a lot of work had been put into restoring the Sentinel and Rick had spent much time and effort sourcing the various replacement parts which were needed, the project to rebuild the Sentinel was never garage door opener fob and it remained as a kit of parts for many years. Early in 2012 Tony Knowles arranged to buy the Sentinel from Rick and the task to complete the restoration of this unique survivor from the Shrewsbury Works was given to John and Neil Boughey at Ń G Coachworks in Much Wenlock.

I garage door opener fob to Neil, who was kind enough to recall the work which was carried out. “In March 2012 we arranged to collect the Sentinel from Rick at Pontesbury where the parts had been in store. What we loaded on to the trailer of our lorry was in effect a giant Sentinel Meccano set. The cab, minus its doors, had been fitted back on to the chassis, as had part of the timberwork for the body and all the wheels. However the engine and gearbox which Neil Matlock had worked on had not been refitted at this time.



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