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Photo Neil Matlock. The cab prepared for painting. Photo Neil Boughey. “The total output of the DV66 range was approximately 100 of the heavy six-wheelers and less than 50 medium six-wheelers, and the survivors are probably the garage door opener for 10 foot door of the Sentinel diesels.

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It is thought that the DV66 is the only example to have survived while there are only two of the DV66M remaining. The model was fairly rare even in its production days and I believe that through the chassis numbers which have come to light the above figures are reasonably accurate. “However this is conjecture on my part as accurate records are no longer available and the totals may be far less than 100 or perhaps a few more. It would appear that BRS were the biggest operator of this model, certainly in the early days of its introduction in 19 “I discovered THY 852 in Pontins garage door opener for 10 foot door at Slaughterford in 1977 and was keen for it to be saved.

The Sentinel had been built in 1954 as chassis number 28 and was delivered new in January 1955 to Strachan and Henshaw, a heavy engineering firm in Bristol. “Full details of the working history are unknown but it may well have gone to Pontins directly from Strachans, as when the plain green paintwork was rubbed back during the restoration the Strachan and Henshaw signwriting was revealed. Pontins converted the lorry to a beavertail and added the body to allow them to use the Sentinel to move their tractors and plant and they actually welded the body to the chassis. ” “However at that time I could not take on the lorry myself as I had just started the restoration of my own Sentinel DV Another factor was the physical size of the vehicle which presented a problem as I just did not have the facilities to store such a large vehicle. Fortunately I was able to get Joe Walker of Ashbourne to save it from the yard and he subsequently sold the Sentinel to Rick Woodvine of Pontesbury in 1 “Four generations of Ricks family were closely involved with the Sentinel Works, beginning with his great-grandfather, George Woodvine, who was responsible for setting up the new Sentinel Waggon Works at Shrewsbury in 1915, while Rick himself garage door opener for 10 foot door at Sentinel during the late 1970s to 1985 as a field engineer for Rolls-Royce.



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