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Accompanying these main parts was a selection of storage boxes which contained all the parts needed to complete the lorry and each box had been carefully labelled with the contents. “Once we had returned to our workshops the lorry was unloaded and we went through each of the boxes to see garage door opener for roll up door what we had. The parts were those taken from the original lorry along with the replacements which had been tracked down over the years. Most of the parts had been refurbished and so our task was basically to put the kit together, although as everyone who has ever worked on lorries from the 1950s will know, most parts will need a degree of ‘fettling’ before they fit correctly.

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Our part in the restoration was made rather more straightforward than some of our other projects as we did not have to spend time searching the country for particular parts. In fact we established that everything was present and correct apart from the extension piece for the radiator but we managed to obtain the piece from Peter Mellor. He also lent us a pattern for the rear wings to enable us to fabricate a new set as the originals had proved to be beyond hope of saving. We also had to obtain a few parts for the headlights from Gerald Mills.

The only other part we had to make ourselves was a new exhaust which was a fairly straightforward job. “Tony had asked us to aim for the work to be completed in early 2013 as the Sentinel was pencilled in for the May 2013 HCVS London to Brighton Road Run so we had about 12 months to complete the rebuild. “He also wanted a couple of changes made, firstly on the body where we made and fitted a deeper chock rave to the existing platform and the second change was to add a garage door opener for roll up door wheel carrier and we made this and fitted it to the rear of the chassis. “It was also decided to buff the engine and we spent quite some time polishing the aluminium and brasswork to within an inch of its life it’s certainly the shiniest engine that I have ever seen!” That must be one of the cleanest engines around! “Our work started with the removal of the cab and the body from the chassis to enable the engine and gearbox to be refitted and once this was in and some of the electrics fitted we were able to test-run the chassis. “It had been a good while since THY 852 had moved under its own steam but those first runs around the yard went pretty well and the engine ran very smoothly.



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