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One early demo for a UK fleet saw a V8-powered garage door opener gear and sprocket assembly Maxim run 1667 miles to Italy without a problem, at an average 3mpg. Even against more powerful continental competition, Perkins’ new flagship was able to hold its own at altitude. As the V 510 proved itself with customers, high-mileage stories began to roll in.

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A Daimler garage door opener gear and sprocket assembly coach, one of the first to use the V8, covered more than 180,000 miles in its first couple of years, while a Seddon 16:4 belonging to Rother Transport clocked up 350,000 in four years. And it wasn’t just trucks the V8 was also used in the aircraft tugs used to haul Concorde around airports. In some ways, the late ‘60s, early ‘70s were a high spot for Perkins. Production records were broken more than 230,000 engines churned out in 1969 alone and a Queens Award for Industry in 1969 and ‘ But behind the good figures, the early ‘70s weren’t a happy time.

It was a turbulent time for British industry, with both inflation and unemployment rising fast -even Perkins resorted to redundancies in 1 One bright spot that year was the company’s continued success in garage door opener gear and sprocket assembly racing, while Italian sales manager Livio Macchia set a new water speed record for diesels at 355mph, in a boat powered by a turbocharged 354 tweaked to give 292bhp. Meanwhile, the V8 family was expanding, with the big V 605 launched in November ‘ Measuring 9 litres, it offered 205bhp at 2600rpm and was designed for trucks at the new legal maxima of 32 tons with 6bhp/ton. It certainly impressed Commercial Motor first time out, with its flexibility, low noise levels and decent low-speed pulling power. Perkins said its biggest engine yet met all the latest noise and emissions regs, and would run at least 200,000 miles before overhaul. It was followed by the 540, which combined the 605’s crankshaft with the original 510’s bore to give 85 litres and a 180bhp rating.



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