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Although it had been some years since Neil Matlock had completed the work, the engine ran very well and the only thing we needed to do was fit an additional gasket to seat the water pump correctly. “With the engine back in place, the next task was to fit the new higher headboard to the chassis and this was made up from hardwood planks held in a steel section frame with a cut-out in the centre in front of the rear window in the cab. “The old green paint on the cab was rubbed back and the shell was given garage door opener gear replacement of grey undercoat before it was reunited with the chassis.

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Once the cab was in place, the heavy-duty bumper and the wings could be fitted and the new side raves fitted to the body. While there was still a good deal of work to be done, the project was making reasonable progress and we were very conscious of the May 2013 deadline. “The fitting-ont of the rah installing the seating and fitting the glass followed and with all the parts readily to hand in their labelled boxes it was just a matter of working steadily through each box, fitting the parts as required. John and Neil garage door opener gear replacement built the new exhaust system.

Detail shot showing the famous sliding cab doors. Although there is not much in the way of instrumentation on a 1950s lorry all the correct gauges had to be checked over and fitted along with the Sentinel nameplate on the metal dash. The interior was painted cream and the seats, which Rick had already had reupholstered in brown vinyl, were then fitted. “With the rebuilding largely garage door opener gear replacement by the end of 2012, it only remained for the painting to be carried out in the Knowles Heritage fleet blue and red livery. “Everything was rubbed back, cleaned and prepared for primer, undercoat and the final topcoats.



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