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Herbert saw great potential in this market and began buying and selling motor vehicles and established for himself a good reputation for providing quality vehicles at reasonable prices. His knowledge of the market led one Ernest Foster to ask his advice on the purchase of a new vehicle for his milk garage door opener genie business. Herbert agreed to accompany him to a motor dealers in Manchester to advise on the selection of a suitable vehicle. Perhaps it was fate that decreed that the two men should return that day not with a milk float but with a 26-seater Commer charabanc, a decision which would have far-reaching ramifications for both men.

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Edward Beck's firm Contractors Manchester Ltd ran Seddons, while another of his firms delivered Seddons to coachbuilders and ports. Photo Teddy Beck. EXCURSIONS AND HAULAGE garage door opener genie was some sound reasoning behind the decision as the charabanc could be used to carry fare-paying passengers at holiday times to popular resorts such as Blackpool. With the charabanc body removed the vehicle became a flatbed lorrywhich could be used for delivery work. There was only one slight stumbling block; the two men did not have enough money to buy the vehicle but fortunately Herbert’s father, Thomas, agreed to put up the money but only on the condition that his younger son Robert would have a share in the business when his Army service ended.

It does not appear that Robertwas consulted about the decision concerning his future but having left the Army he found he was a partner in the new business Foster & Seddon, which had been established in 1 A second charabanc was acquired almost immediately and the firm began running regular excursions to various Lancashire seaside destinations, although such work was highly seasonal and at this early stage of the business it was a matter of struggling to break even rather than make any significant profit. However they worked hard, ploughed back almost every penny of revenue into the business and they were able to expand their fleet of vehicles. By 1923 they had 18 vehicles on the road, a mix of Commer and Dennis, and that year the firm became a Commer distributor. Further expansion followed and Morris car and light garage door opener genie dealerships were also established. By 1925 the Commer dealership had been replaced and the firm had now taken on the Lancia distributorship for south Lancashire and Manchester.



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