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Available nationwide through Travis Perkins Ridgeons Brewer amp Sons

Once the final roats were dry we could add the finishing trim, chrome parts, badges etc. , and our part in the restoration of the Sentinel was completed. “It only remained to deliver the lorry for the final signwriting to be completed by Chris Childs in Huntingdon and once that was completed the DV66 was ready to take its garage door opener genie pro in the line-up at the start of the London to Brighton the following May.

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” My garage door opener genie pro to Tony Knowles, Dave Butwright, Neil and John Boughey and Neil Matlock for providing the information and photographs used in this feature. Tradesman 40 years experience Cab fabrication to metal, wood, fibregiass, aluminium Complete repainting signwritlng Into basecoat finish trim & mechanical Delivery & collection service can be arranged. Available nationwide through Travis Perkins, Ridgeons, Brewer & Sons, Bromborough Paints, Dulux Decorator Centres and Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd. Peter Henshaw concludes his story of British engine maker Perkins.

Last month we left Perkins working flat out in the 1950s, taking advantage of the gradual dieselisation of Britain’s lorry and bus fleet. But by the late ‘50s, there was clearly room for smaller diesels to power vans and even a few cars. Perkins’ answer was the 99, launched in 1 It had taken five long years to develop, partly because the design brief was for a true petrol alternative that could sustain 4000rpm and offer 50bhp. Higher revs meant it could use standard gearing a big plus for an optional power unit and a 99-powered Vauxhall Velox delivered 6mpg on test, making it nearly twice as economical as the garage door opener genie pro petrol. But the 99’s big leap forward came in 1960, as the factory diesel option on Commer’s new forward-control FC.



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