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This was the V unveiled at the Tokyo Fair

The solution was to provide pistons and rings that could cope with up to six thou of ‘ovality’, which didn’t reduce oil consumption to nil, but did help! Oiliness apart, the 236 proved to be fundamentally reliable, and spawned a whole family of units, with capacities ranging from 203 to 248 cubic inches, plus a turbocharged version and even a petrol unit! The latter was aimed at the American tractor market, where petrol was cheaper and some farmers still shied away from diesel. The 236 wasn’t Perkins smallest van/ truck engine of course, and the little 108 was soon adopted as the diesel option in early Ford Transits. At first, Ford was garage door opener gets stuck that it wouldn’t fit, pointing out that the Transit’s short engine bay had been designed around its V4 petrol. However, with some judicious modification to the cowling, Perkins engineers fitted the 108 diesel and Ford had to accept it made a good alternative.

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Four-cylinder diesels might be gaining ground in small vans, but at the other end of the scale, as truck weights increased so manufacturers demanded more power. There were limits to what even a turbocharged 354 could provide, and the only answer was a bigger engine. This was the V 510, unveiled at the Tokyo Fair in 1 Comfortably bigger than the six, it offered 170bhp at garage door opener gets stuck and was built in a new factory. The move to a V8 made sense, as it suited the big American market, where V8s ruled the roads and many truck engine bays were designed to suit. Back in Europe, cab-over designs were rapidly becoming the standard, while axle load regulations favoured a shorter engine.

Cummins, GM, Caterpillar and Dorman were already making V8 diesels at the time, so it was hardly a radical move. Perkins actually started work on the V8 back in 1960, when it was clear that a 120bhp-plus engine would be needed before too garage door opener gets stuck It started out at around 5 litres, then was opened up to 4 litres and finally 4 litres, to achieve 170bhp, the final spec including direct injection, crossflow cylinder heads and a Simms in-line pump. Some lessons learnt from the 354 were included from the start, with a beefy crankshaft and symmetrical cylinder head fixing. All of this paid dividends, as the new engine proved very reliable out on the road.



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