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Older readers will have fond memories of popular comics

Fortunately Peter managed to find some storage space to carry out the resto: garage door opener hacks during the long Scottish winters. Peter finally left Scottish & Newcastle when the depot at Fountainbridge closed in 200 By this time he had managed to put by some savings, and was able to reduce his hours to part-time. “Nowadays, I only do driving because I still enjoy it,” he explained.

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“The same goes for my hobbies, which include JYJ 887H, and my collection of stationery engines. The 1969 LV is my first classic lorry, and was new to D Ń Thomson, the publishers in Dundee. ” Older readers will have fond memories of popular comics like the Beano and Dandy, while more recently the company was associated with the popular garage door opener hacks television series Bob the Builder. The group is also a big player in the newspaper and magazine trade.

Because of its excellent maintenance record D Ń Thomson lorries tended to remain in service longer than average. Many of the survivors have been snapped up by enthusiasts, and are regulars on the Scottish vintage vehicle circuit. Peter garage door opener hacks “After D Ń Thomson retired the lorry, it was bought by a travelling showman from just up the road in Broxburn. By the time I acquired the vehicle in 2005, it was in a very poor condition. It had been sitting for ages with a box van on it.



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