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” Peter started with local deliveries to pubs and clubs, before transferring to longdistance work. He said: “The firm was using Bedford TKs for local jobs like pub deliveries, and a mixture of ERFs and MAN diesels for the long-distance garage door opener hanging kit S&N also had a couple of Atkinson Borderers on their books, equipped with Rolls-Royce engines. The work could take me as far south as London, Caerphilly and Southampton.

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Sometimes we could end up doing a couple of return trips each week. “The usual route was to take the A702 down to Abington to join the M Back then, of course, it was known as the A The road was only a dual carriageway, and in many places there was a 40mph speed limit. The lorries still weren’t fitted with sleeper cabs, and there were the usual stopovers once you got down to England. I garage door opener hanging kit remember the Super Sausage cafe at Pottersbury by Northampton close to the Silverstone race track. “We used to deliver to big cash and carries in places like Woking in Surrey and Chelmsford in Essex.

On the return trip we stopped at another truck drivers’ B&B at Garstang between Preston and Lancaster. “I’ve forgotten the name of the place, but it was particularly popular for its food and big pots of tea! We’d stay there usually on the Tuesday night, and complete the journey back to Edinburgh the following morning. We’d clean the lorry, have a break, then pick up the trailer that was sitting in the depot next to the one we had taken away, and be back at Garstang by nightfall. ” The chassis of the lorry was stripped down to the bare metal. Photo garage door opener hanging kit of Peter Henderson.



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