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These were equipped with pneumatic tyres and suspension, and are still used today by some steam engine owners as a substitute for the original steam engine trailers. The company also had a stand at the 1954 garage door opener hardware Motor Show. Peter said: “Unfortunately my ankle was injured when a wheelie bin fell off the back of a bucket lorry, and this seriously affected my mobility.

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Because of this, the lorry’s bodywork ended up taking almost five years to garage door opener hardware I wasn’t happy with my first effort at the paint job, and in the end decided to get it done professionally. ” Because of his dodgy ankle, courtesy of an errant wheelie bin, Peter needed some help rebuilding the flatbed. A familiar sight to a generation of lorry drivers! Fortunately for Peter, the lorry’s mechanics turned out to be in better shape.

“Although I feared the worst, the Gardner turned out to be okay,” he recalled. “There were no real mechanical issues apart from the alternator, which went u/s during a road run. I’ve been trying to upgrade the garage door opener hardware steering to power steering, but so far without success. Most of the trucks of that generation were sold without power steering, although in many cases it was an option. Typically, haulage companies were more interested in keeping the cost down than worrying about their drivers.



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