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He was brought up in West Lothian, and currently lives in Balerno. “I still do the occasional job for Mackenzie & Son in Lanarkshire, and I’ve just returned from a round trip to Northampton,” he explained. “I originally started with Russell of Bathgate back in the late 1960s. I then garage door opener help to John Bryce, a company based in Juniper Green, a suburb of Edinburgh.

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They were involved in general haulage, although the majority of the work was for the local paper mill. We used to supply a magazine publisher, based down in York. This was before the M6 motorway was completed all the way up to Scotland. It was also in the days before sleeper cabs, so I used to stay at Shap, or Kate’s garage door opener help on the Al.

“Back in those days, I was driving mostly ERF KV and LVs. This is garage door opener help why I still have a soft spot for the marque. I particularly remember an ex-Scottish & Newcastle Breweries KV. The registration was YSC 60 1 often wonder what became of the lorry, and if it survived into restoration. Ironically, I left John Bryce in 1974, and actually went to work for Scottish & Newcastle from their old depot at Fountainbridge in Edinburgh.



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