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Another joint venture with Austin

This was Q16, an engine built up in ‘layers’ held together by long through-bolts, with garage door opener home depot in naturally aspirated form and 82bhp with a turbo. Again, it didn’t reach production. One that did was the Perkins Prima which powered the Austin Maestro van and the Sherpa.

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I remember that one well, as I was garage door opener home depot for Diesel Car magazine at the time. The Prima Maestro van was a bit of a rattler my dad had one but it was certainly good on fuel, and had a certain rough-edged appeal. Another joint venture with Austin-Rover that never reached production was Iceberg, the long-running project to dieselise Rover’s well-respected petrol V With a turbo and indirection injection, 125bhp at 4000rpm was feasible, and the development was a genuine joint venture between Perkins and Land Rover. It showed promise, but in the end was defeated by the need for big changes to the V8 block. In the end, Land Rover gave up and bought a diesel off the shelf from VM of Italy shame that.

The in-house Tdi, which debuted in the Discovery, came much later. These joint projects fell away as vehicle manufacturers began to develop their own diesels, and the 1980s would see Perkins’ production fall, along with diversification into more specialised markets Rolls-Royce Diesels, Gardner and Dorman all came under the Perkins umbrella. And one bright spot was JCB, now thriving and one of garage door opener home depot best customers. These days, Perkins survives, though it concentrates on engines for tractors, boats and industrial applications. Still, if Charles Chapman and Frank Perkins hadn’t sat down to design a lorry diesel back in 1932, it wouldn’t be here at all.



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