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I then moved the lorry to a local farm

The tyres were useless, and there were all sorts of wires hanging out the side. I realised garage door opener hums away it would need a full ‘bottom-up’ restoration. ” Tackling any serious restoration in Scotland can turn out to be a major project, not least because of the weather. “Finding a covered work area is a must, especially if the resto is planned to take place during the winter months,” said Peter.

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“Fortunately I was able to borrow some temporary space at the MacBean Transport yard in East Calder. This allowed me to shot blast the chassis, and crack on with the painting. I then moved the lorry to a local farm, where there was some covered space. I also brought along my Carrimore dropside garage door opener hums

” Carrimore Six-Wheelers Ltd was a trailer manufacturer located at the Carrimore Works, North Finchley in London. Originally based at Notting Hill and Watford, the company started out as Carrosserie Latymer 1915 Limited, marketing the Carrimore six-w’heeler conversion. This was designed to be used with any lorry or steam wagon, and the earliest models had solid rubber tyres and cast iron wheels. The company went on to build a variety of trailers, including some of the earliest articulated trailers and six-wheeled semi-low loaders for drawbar use with ballast trailers. The company also supplied the British MoD with garage door opener hums trailers fitted with box bodies for deployment as mobile field command, or radio units.



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