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Thanks to Perkins Engines Company Limited for the supply of images. We all see certain things regularly, but when they disappear we often wonder where they go. Bob garage door opener hums but does not open ponders the fate of this crumbling Volvo, last seen by him in 200 Does anyone know if it has survived? The Volvo was last on the road in 1 It became something of a regular personal pilgrimage to the springtime Truckfest Extravaganza, which was held annually on the show field at Driffield in East Yorkshire. I loved the excuse to take the cross-country road via Sutton Bank and Malton from my North East home, which on an early Sunday morning was usually free of traffic and meant you could rubber neck’ as much as you liked.

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There weren’t too many trucks seen on this blend of back roads apart from the Volvo F88, reg AVN 900L, which over the years -seemed to take up almost permanent residence tucked away I’m pretty sure in the sleepy village of Slingsby. You just needed a glance to see that its working days were long over but it was always a reassuring sight. You got the impression that someone had saved it from the cutting garage door opener hums but does not open but hadn’t quite got round to its restoration. In June ’081 even stopped and took a few snaps of it. The expired tax disc still on display from 1995 suggested the Volvo had given more than 20 years of active service, while the personalised name of‘Thunderbird 1’ seemed rather apt.

I’m sure I even knocked on a few doors of the nearby houses to try and find out its story but without any success. Of course, the next time I came past -who knows when that was ‘Thunderbird’ had flown, and its regular parking space was vacant. I heard a whisper that it was being restored, perhaps in the Pickering area, but if there’s anyone out there who can add a bit more to this story after or even before this ’08 sighting then we’d love to hear from you! Will your battery be ready when you are? Intelligent Chargers & Conditioners garage door opener hums but does not open again in the UK a wide range of intelligent battery chargers i & conditioners from Battery FighterŽ that can be left permanently connected to your vehicle and ensure that it will be in condition that is ready to start your vehicle even after being “laid up” for many months. Available in a range of sizes for all types of battery with some of the range that are waterproof for rugged conditions there is a model that will suit every application. Peter is a HGV driver by trade, and is still working in retirement.



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