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I believe a full restoration was carried out by one of the previous owners, Tony Hutchinson, back in 200 Apparently the job took him nine years, which is a long time in anybody’s book. All the timber work was renewed, the metal sand blasted and repainted, and the seats reupholstered. The interior of the cab was also garage door opener images refurbished. Having acquired the lorry, John then had to decide what to carry on the back for ballast.

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“I decided to put some milk churns, etc. , on the dropside, because I can remember similar vehicles operating in the area when I was growing up" he said. “I also did a stint working for Walls when I was a bit younger, and they used the same thing. Having waited so long to get hold of the lorry, I intend keeping it for the foreseeable future. ” Brief garage door opener images of Morris commercial vehicles.

Although William Morris started off making cars, bythe early 1920s he was also experimenting with commercial variants at his new plant in Cowley. Then in January 1924 he acquired the assets ofEG Wrigley and Company, an axle manufacturer based in Birmingham. The following month, Morris-Commercial Cars Ltd was formed, and vehicle production started in earnest. The first vehicle to be built was a one-ton lorry. This wasquickly followed by several new models,and bythe early 1930sthe Foundry garage door opener images factory was making 15 different types ofvehicles.



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