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On air bag rear suspension it rode

Into the Eighties, the trucks were called the R range. Renault produced both the R310 and the later R 340 for the British buyers. In 1979 the R 365 model came on stream with a turbocharged and intercooled 12-litre diesel. This was a garage door opener installation cost low-revving unit but made a healthy 1193lb-ft of torque, making its 360bhp very usable.

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Coupled to an 18-speed Renault B18 gearbox, it enabled the lorries to cover hilly terrain with ease and was ideal for lengthy motorway driving. It was still a little less economical than its rivals, but not by much. On air bag rear suspension, it rode well over poor roads, if a little soft on turns, but braking was excellent. Cab improvements garage door opener installation cost electric tinted windows and heated mirrors.

Operators included FB garage door opener installation cost ofDerby which also used a lot of G290 Renaults, Brain Haulage and F Swain and Sons. Midlands hauliers included Round Oak Motor Services of Dudley, the Adams Group and Roy S Ely of Birmingham. It was hard not to include pictures of them in the final selection. Summing up, the TR 280 established a foothold for Renault in the UK, and the subsequent Magnum and Premium models have carried on the legacy. Birmingham-based Richard Ford isnowcalled RGF Logisticsand used to run a few of these Renaults along with Scanias.



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