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John was brought up in the Coatbridge area, and has been a big fan of commercial vehicles since he was a boy. He is a bus driver by trade, and operates a family coach business. Because he is in his sixties he now takes more of a back seat, and spends most of his time buying and restoring old vehicles. His past CV garage door opener installation instructions several light commercials including a 1970 Bedford CA ice cream van, a pair of Austin/Morris Minor pick-ups, and a Thames 400E.

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"I have always had a garage door opener installation instructions spot for old lorries, vans and pick-ups,” lie explained. “There is something about them that gets in your blood. These days I don’t even bother to own a modern car, and prefer to get around in one of my old commercials" The LC5 was one ofthe workhorses of the 1950s and1 could cruise quite happily at SSmph. Owning old commercials can sometimes be a roller-coaster affair, and John has certainly had his moments. He said: “I have owned several old classics, and they have given me a lot of pleasure over the years.

I am also happy to move them on if the price is right. I’m not afraid to use modern technology like the internet, and eBay has come in handy on a number of occasions. For example, I bought a vehicle recently that was being advertised on eBay. By the time I got involved, the bidding had already reached ?500 with seven days to go. I decided to garage door opener installation instructions to Ayrshire where the owner lives to make an inspection, and offered him ?1,500 on the spot.



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