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With the situation for DAF growing steadily worse and with

With 2017 markingthe models 25th anniversary, this is another DAF which can be added to the ranks of‘modern classics’. This was probably the garage door opener installation video time to introduce any model and the worsening recession saw further severe falls in the truck sales in the UK and Europe. The UK market was hit particularly badly with sales falling DAFS WINNING FORMULA StalkersTransport of Carlisleowned this Leyland DAF 85 360 6x2 tractor unit.

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Photo Bill Reid. to levels which had not been seen since the 1930s and 1940s, and as the UK was DAF’s largest garage door opener installation video it was hardly surprising that the company faced severe problems. With the situation for DAF growing steadily worse and with efforts to save the company having failed, receivers were appointed in February 1 With the company having been declared bankrupt it seemed that the newly introduced DAF 85 was looking very much like the company’s swansong. However in a matter of weeks the Dutch and Belgian governments had agreed to bail out the company and on March 2,1993, a new company, DAF Trucks NV was formed. From what looked desperately like a position of no return, DAF was back in business and the production of the DAF 85 and the company’s other current models was able to continue.

The lows of 1993 were in marked contrast to the success which the DAF 85 enjoyed during the following year when the model was judged to be Fleet Truck of the Year. New markets for the model were opened up in North Africa and the Middle East with a factory being set up for the assembly of the trucks in Casablanca, and by 1995 the DAF 85 was also being assembled in China by the Chanfeng Auto Corp. From the day it was launched the DAF 85 received positive reviews as a very sound product, and Commercial Motor commented that “Traditional DAF customers wanting a 2800 for the Nineties need look no further than the 85 360”. The magazine went on to say: “We are mightily impressed with the 85 and any haulier or fleet garage door opener installation video looking for a bread-and-butter tractor in the 330-360 HP Class should put it high on their shortlists. ” So with a price tag ofbetween ?61,000 and ?65,000, depending on the model and specification, what would buyers of the DAF 85 be getting for their money? The answer was quite a lot, with an initial choice of four 4x2 tractor units, two 6x2 tractor units, and a 4x2 and 6x2 rigid.



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