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Unfortunately he wanted to hold out for ?2,000, so I didn’t take the matter further. I then had second thoughts, and asked a friend to put in a late bid on my behalf. Fortunately my friend was on the ball, and 1 ended up getting the vehicle for just ?1,250, As you can garage door opener installers near me the owner was not best pleased, when I turned up on his doorstep a second time to take delivery! “There was another occasion where I had been chasing a pick-up on and off for three years.

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I knew the owner quite well, and he had been giving me the runaround for some time. Then one day he rang me up out of the blue. At that very moment he was sailing over the Irish Sea with his garage door opener installers near me acquisition. He needed to raise some cash, and would I be prepared to drive down to the ferry port at Troon to discuss a bit of a business? After a three-hour wait until the ferry docked, we finally did the deal.

You need to be a bit flexible when you are chasing a commercial, and be prepared to go out of your way. ” Although John is garage door opener installers near me to travel all over the UK if the right vehicle comes along, he landed on his feet with the Monis-Commerdal LC He said: “I acquired the Morris from a friend of mine, David Bowman, who I have known, for years and lives nearby in Motherwei. He had bought the lorry in 200 ” The 2-litre petrol engine was adapted from a BMC saloon car unit, in this case from the Austin A The LC5 was produced between 1954 and 1960, following the recent merger with Austin to form BMC British Motor Corporation . The lorrywas available in either petrol or diesel, and proved to be very adaptable.



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