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These ranged in size from 10cwt to 50cwt,and were mostly powered bythe company's own engines. Like other British manufacturers of this period, the lorries were very much aworkin progress. Bythe time the production models were eventually launched, they had already undergone several modifications. During the late 1950s and 1960s BMC also continued its garage door opener instructions of converting some of its saloon cars into light vans.

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Badge engineering was becoming the norm, and the Austin and garage door opener instructions vehicles that rolled off the production line were almost identical. Bythe mid-1970s the Austin/Morris division of British Leyland then decided that all future commercial vehicles were to be badged as Austins. It was the end of an era. Fortunately, the history and traditions of Morris Commercials are being preserved bythe Morris-Commercial Club, which was formed in 1 They can be contacted on morriscommercialclub. The Leyland DAF 85 Series brochure featured a 6x2 tractor unit fitted with an aerodynamic package.

Photo DAF Archive. Alan Barnes looks into the history and development ofthe DAF 85 Series For any lorry manufacturer, the success of a model which had arguably been introduced as a stopgap would certainly be something of a surprise. For Leyland DAF it was the 80 Series but while the model did provide fleet operators and small companies with a good alternative to moving to the 95 Series trucks, none of the models in the range were seen to be long-term successors to the 2800 or 33 The DAF 95 had been voted European Truck of the Year but by the early 1990s the global recession was deepening and the slowdown in garage door opener instructions sales had been quite dramatic. It was at the Hanover Show in 1992 that the company finally unveiled the new range which had been designed to replace the 2800 and 3300 when it launched the DAF 85 Series.



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