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The type was converted into a number of different formats, including an ambulance and garage door opener interference It was also very popular with the Post Office, and was used as a 240cu ft mail van, and a one-ton telephone utilityvehicle. The LC5 had a brief moment of fame, when an ex-GPO vehicle was featured in the memorable ‘blow the doors off’ scene in the popular movie The Italian Job starring Michael Caine.

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The type was also available as the Austin 301, and was eventually replaced in 1960 by the Morris FG. “The LC5 was another vehicle that I’d had my eye on for many years,” garage door opener interference explained. “One of the reasons I was interested was that the maroon Morris-Commercial made regular appearances in the popular 1960s TV sitcom Heartbeat. The lorrywas driven in the episodes by the character Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, played by actor Bill Maynard. ” John said: “The Morris was an essential prop in the programme, and brought back a lot of fond memories.

A chance to own the lorry was too good to pass up. ” Unfortunately Mr Bowman is also an avid collector, and wasn’t interested in parting with ‘Greengrass’ as he had nicknamed the Morris, Despite John’s pleas the banter went on for years, until he had come to the conclusion that he would just have to forget about the lorry. Then in June 2015, he met up with David at a vintage vehicle rally “He asked me outright if I was still interested in acquiring ‘Greengrass,” John recalls. “I garage door opener interference he was pulling my leg at first, but we agreed to meet up at his place. When I arrived in the pouring rain, I discovered the Morris was being stored in a container.



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