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Despite the lorry being stored away

Apparently the vehicle had been locked in there for years, and the padlock had deteriorated and seized up. We huffed and puffed but couldn’t get it open, so I agreed to come back later in the week. By this time David had managed to retrieve the lorry, and we garage door opener issues to an arrangement.

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As things transpired he was more interested in freeing up the container than keeping the Morris. Apparently he had bought a tractor at a recent show, and the container was the only thing suitable on his premises that he could use for storage,” The LC5 was very adaptable, and could be John is a keen collector of lightcommercials, and currently also ownsa 1965 Ford Thames, a Morris Minor pick-up, and an Austin 8cwt milk float. Despite the lorry being stored away for all this time, it garage door opener issues out to be in remarkably good condition. He said: “According to David, there were only three things wrong with the lorry. It wouldn’t start, the brakes were jammed, and it needed a new battery.

It also turned out that the petrol in the tank had gone off. All garage door opener issues considered these were relatively minor issues, and once I had delivered the Morris back to Coatbridge we had the vehicle going in no time. I also took the precaution of fitting a new set ofbrakes. I drove it to several rallies last summer, and it performed very well. “I was particularly impressed with the state of the bodywork.



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