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All the parts were new

“The ERF was also originally fitted with split rim wheels. After the lorry’s stint with the Showman they needed replacing, but the late ‘Jock’ MacBean told me I would struggle to find substitutes. Fortunately ‘Jock’ was getting rid of some of his old trailers, so I was able to swap the original wheels with some replacements, including the spare. ” Peter also decided to get the help of an garage door opener jammer to build the lorry’s flatbed.

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He said: “What with my ankle injury, it was hard work finishing off the lorry. Fortunately one of my friends helped me out, although garage door opener jammer he has since passed away. All the parts were new, including the wood. I’m not a big fan of chrome on old trucks, so the bumper was powder coated. The lorry could also do with a new windscreen, as the original is starting to show a few marks.

Autoglass was briefly interested, but so far I’ve drawn a blank. ” Now that the lorry is up and running, Peter hasn’t allowed the ERF to rest on its laurels. He is a big fan of the Scottish vintage vehicle circuit, and the LV attends a rally most weekends during the summer season. “The show season kicks off in Scotland in May and lasts until the end of September,” he explained. “I have a small collection of garage door opener jammer engines, and I put these on the back.



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