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In addition there are the regular road runs, throughout the summer. During the slack periods, I garage door opener jokes a point of taking the ERF out just for the fun of it. The lorry has been put through its MoT, although technically this isn’t a requirement. It’s great fun to drive, and brings back some fond memories.

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” Although Peter has not had any running issues with JYJ 887H, apart from the garage door opener jokes alternator, he encountered a problem storing the lorry that only recently came to light: a robin had decided to make its nest underneath the chassis! He said: “I spotted all these marks on the paintwork. Turned out they were bird droppings, and on further investigation I discovered it was a robin. The bird had built a nest for five eggs. Fortunately all’s well that ends well, and the chicks managed to hatch out.

” Mike and Julie Blenkinsop visit probably the finest fire appliance collection in Europe in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. Words: Mike Blenkinsop Photography: MB Images How time flies. It is more than 10 years ago now, garage door opener jokes had been blessed with a lovely, long, hot summer in 2004 and the field was full of the colour red! We had been invited to the first grand exhibition of the fire appliance collection of the Marcanet family. Located on the west-central side of France, in the Deux-Sevres department, the collection of nearly 100 vehicles was being seen by the public for the first time at a weekend event. We had already been over to the Marcanets’ alternative weekend, Les Vieilles Mecaniques en Folie, which is the agricultural and working plant biennial event which celebrates their other collecting passion.



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