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The Jeep and particularly the Dodge middleweight WC range

This was a long-term economic decision garage door opener keeps reversing to stop the repatriation of vehicles affecting the domestic truck sales market, although we are aware of some exceptions to this rule. The GMC became the commercial variant of just about everything you could hang on a vehicle, from cranes to lime spreaders. A typical type of styling on a GMC 6x The tanker body is for carrying water up into the heavily inaccessible forested regions of France. This vehicle is from the Charente-Maritime force.

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The French Army acquired them in huge numbers for their second life and after auctioning-off from this sendee, they had a third life in civvy’ street. Enthusiasts have preserved them in many forms garage door opener keeps reversing truck, tipper, workshop and radio-shack. The Jeep and, particularly, the Dodge middleweight WC52 range also survived well and have appeared in large numbers on rally fields too. Hundreds of these excellent trucks are now preserved mainly due to their ability to be adapted to new jobs. Being kept in use has given the French preservation movement time to catch up and value these old vehicles before their demise and to save them for future generations.

The other social rationale, which has helped them to survive, is the deep-seated reasoning in France that even when something is worn-out, broken or in terminal decay, it isn’t scrapped. No, it goes to sit in the hedgerow at the bottom of the garden, or if it is very lucky, it is dry-stored in the barn with the chickens. Fortunately, this philosophy has saved so many vehicles. Had there been a European Union policy 40 years ago, nothing would have been left; we may still have had the countryside, but there would have been nothing poking out of it for our garage door opener keeps reversing to flourish. After the war, France had to rebuild a shattered country, whatever services they could afford to employ had to be a cheap alternative.



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