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Fortunately Bedford got the design

Unigate used many of these for bulk bottled milk deliveries, and some found use as tankers and for low-loader work. Engines ranged from the six-cylinder 86bhp petrol to the 220 four-cylinder 65bhp diesel and six-cylinder 330 98bhp diesels with four and garage door opener keeps stopping gearboxes available. Big customers included British Rail and the Post Office as they were rugged and cheap to run.

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Many parcel companies used them such as Roadline, Brevitt and United garage door opener keeps stopping Flatbeds for hauling coal sacks were popular in the Sixties and many found their way for use as removal vans and with box bodies for hauling light but bulk ' loads. The TK had one of the longest innings of any lorry, spanning a full 26 years until replaced by the Bedford TL. Fortunately Bedford got the design of the cab right from the outset and it was quite a pretty and well-proportioned unit. All-round visibility was good and the controls adequate.

However, the taller driver could find himself somewhat hunched at the wheel, which was not ideal. For maintenance, lifting side panels behind the doors provided access to the dipstick and engine ancillaries. One characteristic of the TK was its distinctive ‘whistle,’ to be heard as the brakes were released, caused by air escaping from the servo apparently. The Overnite division of the TNT parcels concern used this Bedford TK for deliveries using quite an aerodynamic van body. The shot was taken in June 1 One night in the mid-Eighties, I was prowling around the garage door opener keeps stopping area of Birmingham, looking for suitable photo opportunities, when I spied this TK wrecker belonging to Cambridge Cars & Commercials, which is still in business.



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