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The CFL, camion feux de forets lourd, is a heavy-duty, short wheel-base, forest fire-fighting vehicle, which is based on a 4x4, specially designed chassis Unimog, Renault or Unic. These are usually equipped by specialist companies such as Camiva, Gugumus or Sides. In the past, the SPs have used converted ex-services equipment on GMC or Dodge chassis and these are only now, in the last 15 years, being replaced by newer appliances. Many were designated CCF camion-citerne foret water tank-carrying forest fire fighter and usually carried a 3000-litre tank with pumping capabilities of around 800 to 1000 litres per minute 200-250 garage door opener key pad replacements p/m .

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One of the most interesting conversions garage door opener key pad replacements for this role was the Second World War International/White half-track, used by both civilian and military forces, the latter usually in an airfield-based role. The TL, turntable ladder, is understood to be an EPA, echelle pivotante automatique, which turns up on an assortment of chassis. For those of you, who, like us, are a little tired of seeing the modern-day fire appliance on the same standard chassis and the same general bodywork, settle down for a look at some fascinating designs from the mid-20th century'. In UK fire parlance, these are TLs or turntable ladders.

Troops need feeding and this cooking-oven trailer is garage door opener key pad replacements by a Renault Goelette, equipped with a water tank. An airport fire tender. What a difference some decent-sized wheels would have made to the looks of this Berliet GBC34 chassis-based VMA38 crash tender. Seen with star attraction steam road locomotive Knapp, the Berliet GLC acts as its water tender. Back in the field of red, a marvellous cross-section of firefighting machines had been assembled; a veritable history of French firefighting.



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