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Hearing a diesel engine, I turned round to see an ancient 1972 TK coming up behind me and hurriedly grabbed my camera for a snap. The Danish Bacon Company used to use Bedford ŇŔ normal control lorries with van bodies decades ago and it followed that TKs would be used in the same role. This one was coming off the M6 at junction 7 in garage door opener key switch 1987 on its way back to its depot in north Birmingham.

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This TK was operated by the amalgamation of the two Australian parcel companies TNT and IPEC. They used to operate Volvo F10 and DAF artics among other types, but this 1984 Bedford with neat bodywork sufficed was photographed in Barr, Birmingham. Crabtree was a manufacturer of electrical accessories and had a large factory in a suburb of Walsallr It is now closed with houses built on the site. Back in March 19871 managed to photograph one of the company's Bedford TK artics which was loaded with products not far from its premises. Back when I first started photographing lorries, my resources to buy garage door opener key switch were limited so it made sense to concentrate on more impressive and less numerous heavy vehicles like ERFs and Fodens.

It was only when I noticed the Bedford TK starting to disappear from the roads that I made any real attempt to get them on film. I had feared I may not have enough shots of them but luckily, I had more than 50 photos to make a selection from for this feature. One thing I noticed was that many TKs were well maintained despite their age, and many owners took time to keep them signwritten and presentable. The smallest of the TK four-wheel portfolio was the non-HGV Bedford KB at 6 tons GVW on a 115in wheelbase, up to the 10-ton KE, while garage door opener key switch included the 3-ton KD models. Bedford KG artics were also in the range for a while, with a Leyland 400 series engine for 24-ton GCW with a five-speed box and two-speed Eaton axle.



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