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On a servicing ramp nearby stands another

On the specialist side was an airport foam tender, the Berliet VMA69 from Chateauroux, a town renowned for its pilot-training aerodrome. It entered sendee with the French Air Force, but was then transferred to the commercial airport fire brigade around 1965; a five-man team would have garage door opener keychain it. Based on the Berliet GBC34 chassis and powered by a Ford V8 of nearly nine litres, the firefighting equipment came from Sides and an auxiliary motor, a Hotchkiss Lago, powered the water pumps.

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Although the vehicle weighs in at 12 tons, the unusual small wheel and undersize tyre design make it look quite underwhelming. VMA garage door opener keychain for vehicule mousse daerodrome. On a servicing ramp nearby, stands another ‘mousse’ foam machine, built on a Saviem long-nosed 4x4 chassis. Specialist equipment even ran to an ex-services bread oven, to keep the ‘troops’ fed during the long fires which could last for days rather than hours.

As the lines of red machines extended out into the open pasture, the American parentage of many of the appliances was very evident; the badges on the radiators were mostly GMC and Dodge. Typical GMC 6x6, re-engineered for fighting forest fires. This one was based at Deols in the Indre. Probably the most unusual fire appliance here, an ex-US Air Force Coleman aircraft garage door opener keychain Coleman also built chassis for the Quickway bridging cranes of the US Army.



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