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This Mercedes Unimog was the French flag-carrierfortheday. The Dodge WC64 was another firefighting modification, as most were built as ambulances in the Second World War. This WC64 has a mini-version of the block and tackle Lot No 7 for recovery equipment. This big Saviem foam tender was once on the garage door opener keyless entry Marines manifest SG For those who don’t know the Second World War background to these vehicles, let us brief you quickly.

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America joined the war in 1942, following the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor in December 1 They had the manufacturing capacity to supply enormous amounts of vehicular hardware to the Allies in Europe on their ‘lend-lease’ or Military Assistance Program MAP . We believe the United Kingdom has only just finished paying back the huge financial debt that was run up! Willys and Ford supplied the famous ‘Jeep’, a small personnel carrier for two to four garage door opener keyless entry The Dodge Company supplied the next weight up, at one ton plus, with the ‘Beep’ in command car, weapons-carrier and various other variants of ambulance and van. Probably the best known, seen and photographed vehicles, after the Jeep was the GMC truck. Known as the ‘deuce and a half’, this referred to its two-and-a-half-ton carrying capacity.

It was made in telephone number quantities, half a million plus! Its finest hour was in the critical war days of the ‘Red Ball Express’, where millions of gallons of fuel were supplied up the chain to our front line forces by these trucks, an event now well documented in war history. They were either 6x4 or 6x6, with a closed steel cab. However, after 1941, they were supplied with climb-into, open cabs with no solid roof, in an effort to save some of the raw materials. Canvas was then used for roofs and doors to keep the GIs reasonably dry, but by no means, comfortable. Driver comfort was not considered important! After the war, thousands of these vehicles, left over from the conflict, were made available to rebuild Europe into an economic force again, and we believe part of that deal was that none of the garage door opener keyless entry dispatched from the USA would see the States again.



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