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A rounded nose and comfortable Relax cab

While the fire vehicle industry in the UK is dominated by Scania and Volvo, in France, as you would expect, it was the original national home-grown industries of Berliet and Renault which were the favoured chassis. However Berliet was absorbed by Renault, then Renault commercial division became RVI Renault Vehicules Industriels which has since become a large part of Volvo Trucks; the fire appliance base is now a global brand and the corporate circle is complete. We garage door opener keypad now at vehicles from an era when everything wasn’t quite the same.

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Cost accountants weren’t heard of and there weren’t the budgetary pressures to maintain a garage door opener keypad of clone machines’ to keep the costs down. It was in the recent past when the introduction of the Berliet GAK could be considered to be the first line of vehicles which began to take on a corporate look to firefighting. A rounded nose and comfortable ‘Relax’ cab became synonymous with the typical French appliance. The French equivalent of pump, major pump, water tender and turntable ladder were all placed on the same adapted chassis-cab.

Things change, first response is today, more often than not, a van-based unit. If you have visited France, you will have heard the two-tones, or seen the flashing headlights in the mirror, as a Peugeot Boxer, Renault Master or ageing Saviem SG2 with ‘Asphyxie Blesse or more recently ‘Vehicule de Secours et d’Assistance aux Victimes’, on the side-flashes, races past. These are now being replaced with the Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Jumpy clone as the standard first-response unit. As previously mentioned, acronyms for the description of fire garage door opener keypad vehicles are used in France, but they do follow a regular pattern, unlike some of their verbs! PT, MP, and TL are all replaced with other acronyms. What is known as a major pump MP becomes a fourgon pompe tonne FPT .



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