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The heater was pretty decent but the cab

About three minutes was required to get the Bedford on film in the dim lighting conditions and passing car headlights were recorded as streaks on the image. Symm of Oxford does lots of building restoration and stone work. These two TKs, both with dropside bodies suitable for site work, were photographed while I was passing its yard in April 1 British Telecom used to use a lot of garage door opener keypad not working TKs.

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This example had special bodywork and hydraulics fitted for the installation and replacement of telegraph poles, which was called the 'Polecat'. This shot was taken in the Erdington district of Birmingham in the late Eighties. The heater was pretty decent but the cab could get hot in the summer, and the seats weren't exactly to garage door opener keypad not working Bostrom standards. The relatively small cab meant the lorry could be manoeuvred in tight spaces which was handy on multi-drop deliveries. It was only when coming to the end of its tenure that its shortcomings like a lack of space for the driver became apparent.

"For maintenance, lifting side panels behind the doors provided access to the dipstick and engine ancillaries" Many soft drinks and beer retailers used the TK as drays. This one, apparently with the wheelman undergoing driver training, was in the livery of Barr soft drinks travelling through Walsall. There were very few tasks that the TK could not perform within the realm of commercial vehicles, save for heavy haulage. Many found use as tippers for garage door opener keypad not working work but more serious ofF-road duties were taken care of with the 4x4 military spec MK later to become the MJ with a different spec diesel engine , which sold to the British armed forces in their thousands. The logical successor to the TK was the updated TL range with its updated new cab produced from 1981, but the cheaper TK rolled on until 1 TKs were simple and reliable but their lack of sophistication against foreign competition meant that they had to be replaced, although the TL was not quite the total answer.



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