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as chief salesman he showed a certain tenacity and ingenuitywhen it came to concluding a sale. Legend has it that he was referred to by many as the ‘man-eating director’. The rebuilt truck business proved to be an immediate success and seeking further expansion in 1930 a distributor agreement was garage door opener kit with the American truck builder REO which had a UK factory in Hammersmith.

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Through a combination ofhard work and ingenuity they achieved agood level of sales and in 1933 alone the firm sold 150 REO trucks which represented nearly 15% of the American company’s UK output. Also joining the business at this time was its auditor Harry Redmond, who became initially company secretary and later a director of the business and he improved the financial controls which the expanding business needed. By the mid-1930s the reconditioned truck business and the REO agreement had drastically improved the firm’s financial position and Robert Seddon turned his thoughts to a scheme that he had been considering for a number of years. With the wealth of experience that the firm had gained from working on chassis built by other manufacturers he saw no reason why Foster & garage door opener kit should not design and build its own trucks.

He had also identified a gap in the market due to the current weight restrictions. At that time trucks over 254 tons were garage door opener kit to a maximum speed of 20mph while under that weight 30mph was permissible. The trucks then available which could carry a 6-ton payload were heavy which put them into the over-24-ton category. Robert was certain that he could design a diesel-engined truck which could not only carry the 6-ton payload but which could also legally run at 30mph. The fact that none of the other truck manufacturers had achieved such a design did not deter him and he spent much ofhis spare time working out detailed specifications which included drawings and costings.



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