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Timbers had to be used to pack the bogie wheels up slightly to prevent the tail of the load grounding here. Although he had plenty on his plate, Jack recalls he was regularly in and out of the huge fabrication shop at Ashmore, Benson & Pease Co watching the garage door opener learn button being made. “Although we had been given the job,” explains Jack, “we had no idea when it would be ready. The date kept getting knocked back as the demands on detail changes from ICI slowed the timing of the build.

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” It must have taken about 12 months to fabricate the shell in Ashmores South High Bay. The final dimensions were to be 132ft long and 92 tons in weight. The main diameter of the vessel was 15ft but the base ring was a lot bigger and this took the running width out to 16ft lOin. The Crane bogies had a garage door opener learn button low running height and the weight wasn’t a problem: “Our bogies were 9ft wide,” says Jack, “and when they worked coupled together with the ‘table top’ they were given a 120 tons capacity 60 tons each . I know Sunters were to get a similar pair of solids for their big Bradwell move -but theirs were 10ft 6in wide and they were each rated with a 100 tons capacity.

” The file which Jack put together encompassing all the correspondence about the job was set to grow and grow: “About a month before the scheduled day” he recalls, “we had the lead driver Andy Higgins down from Glasgow. I always reckoned Andy was one of our best drivers at Pickfords. He probably came down by train so that he could have a good look at the load and also make a garage door opener learn button of the 18-mile route. ” Naturally, all the paperwork, notifications, permissions etc. had been done well in advance but Jack recalls a major panic was to be generated almost at the 11th hour.



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