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This particular example is a Delta

We'd soon notice if there was nobody to empty the bins, grit the roads, clean out our drains etc. And think of the unusual variety of lorries used by councils over the years. I remember some very nice garage door opener life expectancy Magirus-Deutz gritters in Lincoln when I was a kid for example. So, here's a collection of various lorries out at work in council service in times past.

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However, please remember we have very little, if any, information with any of these photos, so if you can help fill in the gaps please write in or email. The addresses are on page For a feature on garage door opener life expectancy vehicles what could be better to start with than a Dennis? This particular example is a Delta fitted with a Phoenix waste compactor body, and was used by South Somerset District Council. It was photographed in their yard back in 1998, when it was some eight years old. NA3T photo ref Michael Clancy MCc00001-0 Here's a brand-new Lambeth Borough Council Bedford TK fitted with Lacre road sweeping equipment, and dual driving positions.

It was on display at the Lambeth County Show in 1978, and note the new Mini van the garage door opener life expectancy had also just taken delivery of. NA3T photo ref Barry Coppola BC00044 This West Midlands County Council Leyland Terrier is far more interesting than you'd think! Photographed at Birmingham County Hall in February 1983, this is an electric conversion done by Wales & Edwards. Better known for their milk floats, W&E were formed in the 1940s, and were acquired by Smith Electric Vehicles in 1 The W&E name disappeared in the early 1990s. NA3T photo ref John F Simons JS00958-0 Do any of these photographs trigger old memories? Perhaps this used to be your lorry or you recognise the company name or someone in the photograph. Don't be afraid to write to us.



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