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Saturday January was to be the first day of the

“We were contacted by the railway authorities who told us that the road bridge over their line at Longlands in Middlesbrough wasn’t strong enough. Of course, in earlier enquiries we had been assured it was alright but they then said it wouldn’t take the weight. ” A big meeting was quickly arranged at Middlesbrough Town Hall involving all the relevant authorities: “A Mr Rush came up from the Ministry of Transport in London and even our deputy chief heavy haulage manager came up. As the bridge couldn’t be garage door opener light bulbs in time, the meeting even considered cutting the column in half and transporting it in two parts but apparently that would have made things worse.

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“In the end it was decided that as long as there was just one bogie on the railway bridge at any one time, then the weight could be taken. So the positioning of the bogies was planned with this detail in mind. ” Saturday, January 12, 1957, was to be the first day of the move although Jack thinks the previous day at least would have been spent loading: “The South High Bay had two 50-ton capacity overhead cranes and they were worked in tandem to lift the 92 tons of shell and place it on to the bogies. Actually to get the bogies in position, one set had to be lifted by overhead crane and placed at the far end of the load. The Scammell tractor then used its winch to move it into the required garage door opener light bulbs

” Apparently loading wasn’t finished inside the shop until 3am and even though Pickfords had required Ashmores to build a suitable access road to manoeuvre the load, it was to take until Saturday lunchtime to reach the site’s Yarm Road entrance: “At first, the load had to be winched out of the shop,” says Jack, “as the front of it was at the other end. ” Things were very tight as at one garage door opener light bulbs on the site, there was only 2in clearance between the side of the vessel and a valve at the end of a pipe bridge. Something else which Ashmore’s had done for Pickfords was to make a suitable cranked drawbar which was shaped to get underneath the large base ring. This weighed one ton and after the job, Pickfords kept the drawbar and used it for a variety of other awkward loads. Two of the Pioneers were used to extricate the load in double head fashion but once on to the main road, Andy Higgins driving DUS 951 was to handle the vessel on his own.



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