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However, a quarter of a century in production is impressive whichever way you look at it. Taking this picture was something of a risk using 64 ISO garage door opener light doesn't work film in fading light in December 1 At settings of 1/125th of a second at F 8 on the lens, it was a case of pre-focus and pan carefully with the camera. Belonging to Alan Beasley Transport of Wolverhampton, this 1979 example fortunately had its indicators illuminated as it left a roundabout.

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Based at Mold in Flintshire, North Wales, as of a couple of years ago, this TK removal van belonging to HT Millington was still in use having been registered in 1 It was captured here in Gloucestershire during ’a the summer of 1 Jack Higgins was to spend something like 44 years in the heavy haulage industry and in his time, he was involved in all manner of memorable moves. But as he tells Bob Tuck, there was one job in particular the hauling of a 92-ton, 132ft-long column across Teesside in early 1957 that has left him with a huge amount of garage door opener light doesn't work Jack spent three days walking a total of 18 miles alongside this mega move as it became one of the first big installations into the construction which would be ICI's massive Wilton complex. You never forget your first and even though it’s more than 58 years ago, Jack Higgins remembers the time as though it was yesterday.

Now 86 years young, Jack spent almost his entire working life in the heavy haulage industry first with Pickfords and then from 1975 to 1986 with Sunters. When the heaviest end of the heavy haulage industry contracted in the mid-1980s, Sunters first merged with Wynns to form United Heavy Transport. Another merger quickly happened and Jack was to spend his last eight years to retirement in 1994 with the Teesside-based Econofreight United. In those 44 years, Jack was garage door opener light doesn't work with all sorts of jobs and he’s obviously got a lot of tales to tell. But the time we want to know about is when Jack collected his first entry into The Guinness Book of Records: “I don’t think it stayed a record for very long,” he says, “but in January 1957, I’m sure ICI claimed it was then the longest load ever moved on the UK public roads.



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