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Jack Higgins is standing on the drawbar. In total, it was to take three days to travel the 18 miles but in hindsight, the meticulous planning actually meant the garage door opener light stays on went off without a hitch. Jack reckons the Pickfords team would spend at least another two days on site while the column was unloaded and erected: “An American company did that,” he recalls. Getting back to the routine of office work after such an experience was something of an anticlimax but Jack had no regrets in finally being able to close the huge file of paperwork he’d built up: “I’m sure we charged Ashmore ?1200 for the job but on top of that, they also paid for all the street furniture which had to be removed and then reinstated.

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“But once that payment was made, I remember getting a green pen and writing RIP in big letters on the cover of that file. That was one folder and job I was pleased to see the back of’ Jack may have had no inclination to ever go through that paperwork again but the rest of his heavy haulage life would generate even bigger files. We promise we’ll be back again to sort through more of his garage door opener light stays on At this roundabout at Grangetown close to the Wilton site a road was put through the centre to ease progress.

Ashmore paid for this type of work on top of what they paid Pickfords. Getting on to site on a specially laid road. Note that the sign writer was slightly off the mark by giving the weight as 93 tons, not but what's i between friends? Then why not enter your vehicle into our Classic Truck Section at the TIPexI 6 Auction on Wednesday 1st June The Great Yorkshire Showground Harrogate The garage door opener light stays on auction at TIPex is now in it’s third year and has generated some fantastic results. For this month's theme I've decided to go for vehicles owned, used and/or operated by local councils around the UK in the past. Okay, the jobs they do may not be the most glamorous in the world, but they are important.



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