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This body was made by Jack Allen Motor Bodies of

Right, this may look a bit modern, but I was so intrigued by this lorry when I saw the photo I had to include it here! Anyway, this Biffa-owned vehicle was working for South Buckinghamshire District Council back in 1 Obviously new in that year, this refuse lorry is badged as a Marshall, but I can't find out anything else about it. Do you know any more? NA3T photo ref Michael Clancy. If you have any garage door opener logic board or slides you would like to donate to the archive please contact Bob Hobbs on 01903 235167 This left-hand-drive Iveco Ford Cargo-based road sweeper was photographed while working for Aberdeen City Council back in the early 1990s.

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Its fleet number was NA3T photo ref Jack London garage door opener logic board Here's another photo from the 1978 Lambeth County Show showing another new vehicle for the local council. However, what appears just to be a Seddon Atkinson 200 refuse lorry is actually a bit more special. This body was made by Jack Allen Motor Bodies of Birmingham. Apparently this firm made bodies for Dennis, but after a disagreement switched to Seddon chassis, and these refuse lorries were marketed as Seddon Allen Municipal vehicles. NA3T photo ref Barry Coppola BC00044 We end with this Grampian Regional Council roads division ERF Ń Series artic.

With the registration number of A602 STS, this carried the council's fleet number of According to the DVLA this 1984-registered lorry was last on the road in 1 Foden FD series two-strokes were music to the ears of many, quite literally headaches to others, and triumphant for the Royal Navy. Ed Burrows traces their history and considers the possible 330bhp V8s and 450bhp V12s developments that in a parallel universe might have transformed Foden's future. For BBC garage door opener logic board listeners in the 1950s and into the 1960s, the signature sound of Foden was the Foden Motor Works Band. Such is the way of things, the same millions were oblivious to even more distinguished Foden harmonics: the mellifluous sextets and quartets of the Foden FD two-stroke diesel. Veterans who drove them in their heyday revered ‘strokers’ as the ultimate ‘Sound of Music’ and the pinnacle of diesel engine ingenuity at least in the context of British truck manufacturers.



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