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Jack recalls that as depot manager, he put himself about seeing customers as he garage door opener lowe's for work but the big load of ’57 began with an enquiring letter which must have arrived about 18 months earlier. “Before Ashmore began building the nitric acid column at their Stockton works,” says Jack, “they had to see whether it could be delivered to the site at Wilton. So when I got that very first enquiry, I did a route survey with Jack Henderson who was then the depot’s senior driver.

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” The dimensions the two Jacks Higgins and Henderson had in their mind was a diameter of 15-16ft; a length of about 130-150ft and a gross weight of 100-150 tons. It was the weight which dictated the subsequent route via Yarm and Leven Bank because the shortest way through garage door opener lowe's had a very weak railway bridge to cross: “It was that weak,” says Jack, “I’m sure that every fully loaded double decker bus which went over there would have been over its weight limit. ” Once Pickfords had told Ashmores there was a suitable way to deliver it, Jack forgot about the job until the next enquiry came through the post asking for a quote. As well as giving a price, Jack then put feelers out for a suitable outfit to do the job. Stockton depot had nothing suitable but Jack knew the Pickfords organisation had two Crane 32-wheeler solid tyre bogie sets, either of which would be ideal: “At the time,” says Jack, “all Pickfords’ really heavy equipment was looked after by the deputy chief heavy haulage manager in London.

Anything capable of carrying 100 tons-plus was controlled by him and while I could have been allocated the set from Sheffield, it was the bogies based at Glasgow which were earmarked for the job. ” As well as these two bogies, Glasgow also garage door opener lowe's a Scammell Pioneer 80 tonner as the main tractor for the job: “Its driver was Andy Higgins and these Crane bogies were Andy’s baby,” says Jack, who explained that the Tyneside depot of Birtley was to supply two more Scammell Pioneer tractors to assist in the move. The load inside the Ashmore premises on the Saturday afternoon after it had been winched backwards out of the shop. Note f! how they have plated the road surface to prevent it sinking through. The load crossing the small humpback bridge over the River Leven.



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