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No surprise that once the load reached the top of the bank, everyone could breathe a sigh of relief and the next few miles to the Blue Bell Hotel at Acklam was almost routine. A wide section of Acklam Road near here was earmarked for the second nights stay but as the Pickfords team retired for their second night with the load safely lamped, they knew the worst part of the haul was behind them. Jack recalls that the next day Monday, January 14 as being the day when they finished the run to Wilton but also the day when the news was all about how the famous actor Humphrey Bogart had just died. The conurbation of Middlesbrough had to be negotiated with the worst part being the tight turn from Acklam Road into Green Lane which then led to Emerson Avenue and Marton Burn Road: “We had a big team from the GPO with us on that third day,” says Jack, “as there was a huge amount of wires to be lifted as we went through the garage door opener lubricant area.

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” Those in the know took a deep breath as the vessel crossed the Longlands railway bridge but then it was straight down the trunk road to Wilton. At Grangetown, an awkward roundabout had been garage door opener lubricant to ease safe passage and even a new entrance created just for the load into the Wilton complex. The right turn on the climb and the point where the camber lifted some of the bogie wheels clear of the ground. Marton Road in Middlesbrough on the Monday. Jack Higgins is the figure in the heavy coat and cap striding out just in front of the Pioneer's front offside wheel.

Note how the rear bogie has its drawbar secured up on to the load so as the load turns, it turns the bogie. When shuffling round on site, the drawbar was dropped slightly and the bogie turned by a series of steering wheels garage door opener lubricant Vauxhall Cresta police car leads the load at the Longlands just before crossing the railway bridge there. The area was then covered by Middlesbrough Police which was a force all on its own. Just passing the junction with Cargo Fleet Lane.



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