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Customers had to wait until 1984, two years after production ended, for the direct replacement for the EA the larger versions of the garage door opener not working To finish on a high the EA was also produced as a V8 version, although possibly as few as three were made. These vans were used as support vehicles for the TR7 Rally programme run from the MG factory at Abingdon, and were specially converted and designed by the team themselves.

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That V8 power was coupled to a manual box, and disc brakes were fitted. A few original photos appeared recently on an internet auction site. Perhaps British Leyland should have marketed such an EA van itself! Lastly, many thanks are recorded to Mike Street, a fellow Cardiffian who has kindly allowed the use of his photographs. If you own an EA van please feel free to contact me as I would still very much like to photoshoot such a vehicle. TDW142J seen from the rear, showing the garage door opener not working rear styling of the Post Office 350EA with twin doors and a tail-gate.

Parked alongside is WDW 787K, one of the last Morris LD 360cf vans delivered to the Post Office. The situation is all too familiar. The truck is in the workshop for service and certain components must be replaced — they've come to the end of their lifespan. So where do you get good-quality original equipment 'genuine' replacement parts from? The dealer or distributor representing the vehicle assembly—the company that manufactured the truck on its assembly lines? NOT LIKELY! The answer is SERVICE LIMITED, your local Automotive Distribution Federation IAAF CV parts distributor. We have three Brake Relining Machines in operation to ensure a garage door opener not working and efficient service.



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